Mangostin Airport
Terminal 2
10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Munich international airport terminal 2
Level 05, public area
Fon +49.89. 975 850 00
Fax +49.89. 975 850 19


Noodle Bar · Sushi · Thai Food · Espresso & Mai Tai Bar · Take Away · Cocktails To Go

High-quality, classical teak floors determine the flair of the Mangostin Airport, punctuated by Asian elements that give the restaurant various spatial foci. The old bronze Buddha from Thailand looks down benignly from a height of two metres onto the guests, an antique long boat from the Chao Phrya river in Bangkok serves as a dining table and buffet. Three teak elephants play on their podium near the luxuriant bamboo plants.

Seven different types of Asian noodles are prepared in front of the guests in the Noodle-Bar, the red and gold masterpiece of the Mangostin Airport. Japanese Soba buckwheat noodles, Korean Ramen noodles, Thai Sen Lek rice noodles and soy glass noodles are served with a variety of nourishing broths and delicious garnishes as a large soup dish or with fried vegetables, meat and fish or seafood.

Thailand presents itself primarily through its delicious curries and in its wide variety of small fried and grilled hors d’oeuvres. Just like in its “big brother”, the Mangostin Asia Restaurant in Thalkirchen, the curry pastes that are made exclusively for the Mangostin come from the kitchen of the world-famous Bangkok Oriental Hotels.

In the SUSHI BOX, sushi master Itasan rules the roost. He can prepare around 15 different sushi according to individual preferences and will even pack them on request: Sushi To Fly promises the “Sushi Black Box” and accompanies travellers right into the aircraft for their very own, personal palate tickler.

The Espresso & Mai Tai Bar, planned as an extension to the Noodle Bar, promises the best “Illy caffè con variationi” and our Mangostin Cocktail Classic.